Saturday, November 24, 2007

My sister

I talked to a friend this morning. He told me some things that hurt very much. The sad fact is that they may be true. "Walter, your sister has been building this case against you to get you out of the way for many years. You are an enemy to her. "

IT is confusing to have a sister who says she is on my side and then calls the police to have them put me in jail. It is difficult to hear my little sister call the program director and say I can live at the house only to not call. It is difficult to see how, for whatever reason, she hides behind what she says mom did. "MOM signed the restraining order papers.MOM made the charges.

My sister knows she filled out the the restraining order papers. My sister knows she said in those papers that I have never been violent towards her. My sister has said some statements that she knows are not true. "Walter, dad beat me. Walter, I"LL kill you. Walter, mother
is a stupid bitche." Mom was afraid of my sister like she had this authority over my mother.

"Walter, I do not know why Janice is so evil. She has it in her head that we gave you more attention than we gave her but every thing was equal. In fact, we spoiled her." Mom used to say that to me all of the time. My sister would say, I made this person disappear or I made that person disappear.

Before I was arrested, my sister kept bringing over these little tiny grocery bags. I did not know why. I shopped for my mother every day. all a person has to do is call Russell Cyrus
323-293-3100. He took me shopping all of the time for my mother. He also knew that I could not get my mother to let me clean the house or fix the plumbing. I had sneak Russell in the house at first. Later, my mother let me do it. AT the end. Janice knows that. Yet she
told everyone that my mom was starving. My mother was fine. She just did not want to eat. I begged her to eat. Plus she was getting older. She ate less.

One day my mother talked to my sister on the phone. My sister kept asking her if she wanted her to bring anything over. I was sitting right there."No, Walter takes care of everything. He goes shopping for me everyday. Oh, you didnt know that. Yes , he does." MY mother was saying all of these things to my sister. I went into my room. My mother comes in there.

"Do you know what Janice said when I told her you take care of everything and shop and do the lawndry and cook the food?" she asked as she walked into the room. "She said, 'oh, I didn't know that.'." " Walter, she acted as if it was real important that she should have known that like she counted on you not doing those things> I wonder why she said that"

Well, in the conservatorship papers, papers that I did not see until this year, after the whole proceeding was over, I read where it said my mother was starving and could not eat unless someone brought food to her. they made it seem like my mother was in the house and locked in and could not speak to anyone. She stopped driving early in 2006 and I increased my shopping duties. In fact I cooked for my mother every day. That is why I can not believe it.

Jeff said to me, "your sister has been wanting you out of the way for years. That phone call the neighbor made was her perfect opportunity, and with your drug history it was her golden opportunity to do so."

Counselors and teachers that I respect at the SSRIVE program kept telling me to face the fact that she was greedy. I knew that but never thought that she would go out of her way to put me in jail under false accusations to accomplish goals of wealth attainment.
She even told my mother that she would be put away for life if I was not out of the house. She wrote this on a paper. I can not get to it because I am not allowed to go home. I am certain that is why my sister will not let me home. I have things in there that can help me build myself.

My sister never included me in things she said relating to family. When I called home, she would say, "I have to ask MY DAD. My dad said." I would think that was unusual. I was her brother. wouldnt our dad be more natural?

Why she said dad beat her is beyond me . I thought it was teenage rebellion.

She is very bossy and controlling. My father said he would not want to be the man who marries her but I gnored that also. I know that when she is in love she melts like butter.

I do not know what to do. IT is clear she harbors resentments. Some of them is because I could not do for her what her rich friend's brothers could do for them. She always kept asking me for money. I do not mean a couple hundred dollars. I mean 50,000 dollars. I mean she wanted me to buy her a house and when I could not do that she said she would settle for a BMW car.

I can not proove these things. She said she was going to get me committed years ago.

Is that what drug usage does? Does it drive people to hate you? The thing is she was evil before I ever did drugs? She is in deep denial on alot of things. However that deep denial that she holds onto so tightly is what keeps the real truth from coming out?

IT is what is keeping me from my mom. It is a power thing. She felt that I got more attention and she wants it now. She keeps saying that she has no hidden agenda but calling the police to put me in jail and telling the program director she will call the police is different from being on my side. She is 'Sybil' in many ways. YOu never know what you will get from one day to the next. She looks normal on the surface. She is married. She is a college grad from a fine university. However she is not happy. More on the next blog.

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