Tuesday, November 20, 2007




I walked back to my place. The manager was not there.

I was undaunted. I walked outside and took a picture at the corner of 5th and San Julian. I took a picture of this High Rise in the distance. That is how far Skid Row is from major buildings in Downtown Los Angeles.

I may have been undaunted but I was stupid. As soon as I took the photo two men surrounded me and told me to get out of the area. "I live here. I live in the Marshall House. I was just taking a picture of the high rise." "Do you have a problem with that?" I asked. Stupidity just escalated.

Don't compound a lost phone with a trip to the hospital.

"It is lucky for you that you live there," the man said. "Get the fuck out of here." I started to say something else but I thought better of it. I saw a look in his eye that was not pleasant.

However, I learned something. Not from the experience but because I am at the T HOUSE.

I quickly uploaded this picture and 9 others for future blog postings. I want to stay ahead of the need to have photos.

I Purposely blog a great deal. The more I write the more I think of what to write and the different ways to present it. I saw where Heather MC Donald used quotes like I did. I figured I must be on the right track.

The more I post the more experience I gain. The more I learn about the capabilities of the computer.

I had to take this picture sideways to fit it in the camera frame. I had an idea. I had not done it but I figured it was worth a try. When I got here I plugged in my peripheral and the

"Windows View and Scanner" came up. I rotated the picture so it could fit. I did not know it could be done. I just thought I would try it. It worked. More experience. It gives me depth and range in knowing how to do things. It teaches me the process of INGENUITY AND CREATIVITY. I started the process of learning those things when I trained for the triathlon and studied at home and in the USC LAw library.

Even if someone told me how to do it, the point is I actually did it. Experienced gained.

That is why I post alot. The more I Post the more I will see. Time to go. I must get a phone.

First I must at least check to see if a phone has been turned in.

" Walter, you have to have a phone. You must have a phone. It is a part of your business. No matter what the cost, you can not afford to NOT have one. So what about the money.

DON'T TRIP. You have come to far. When you were in the guard shack that was one thing. You have built a good foundation , G. ( Nick Name of respect given to me).

No matter what, dont't trip. Go get a phone. So what if it is =100 dollars. Not having it may cost you 100,000 dollars." The man who said those words was named Monday. He developed a respect for me while I was at the T HOuse. 'Keep writing, G. Tell the story. Tell the story of survival" he used to say. "Keep up the writing. Do not give that up."
Monday tried 8 programs before he said he got it right. He said it was hell. He and I talked alot when I was in the guard shack. He taught me the ins and outs of the recycling can business.
He saw me developed that. He was finished with the program and found out he had prostate cancer. I thought of my father. Monday's real name is Vernon, my father's name. My father died of prostate cancer.
"By the way, it was stupid to take the picture of the building. You know what it is like over there. There is a lot of criminal stuff being done over there. It was stupid, walter. Dont do it again." Experience gained.

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jim said...

i wonder how long it will be before you can take a picture at that corner without being hassled. just a few years ago, i was taking pictures all along main street and had to skip an area where the people hanging out in front of the parking lot just did not want me taking pictures.

now i pass by that stretch of street once or twice a day, usually walking our dog, and there would be no problems taking pictures there now. there's nobody hanging out in front of that particular parking lot any more, except those waiting for the bus.