Monday, November 26, 2007

3 0n 3 Basketball league expands into entrepreneurship


This is on the corner of 5th and San Pedro. These are members of the Skid Row Street Basketball league engaging in a new phase of the program created by OGman-entrepreneurship.

"Why look for a job when you can create your job, walter." OGman said to me.

Below are his comments transcribed from a recording.

"Walter, you know as well as I do that these guys are not going to get meaningful jobs out here. They have a past history of felonies. IT does not matter that they have changed their lives and changed their lives against all odds. They are offered opportunitites to sell drugs every day. They are offered opportunities to commit fraud every day. They refuse. However, no one will give them a second chance.
The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, DLANC,
has been very supportive. We have the bid to clean the streets on Main and Broadway.

The guys developed confidence to do their own thing. In stead of selling drugs, they are selling hot dogs on the corner. It is only the beginning. We plan to have tables and chairs on this corner just like they have in the loft district. That is what the league is about. It is about helping yourself. I see you are doing the same thing. I am proud of you, Walter. You can not find a job but you are still searching and you are developing a new skill, writing and reporting, as well.

There is a new attitude down here and it is good that we have people, like yourself, that, have positive energy. Stay with what you are doing like we are, and everything will work out for you. Entrepreneurship is the thing down here. Remember that. I am teaching people to do the right kind of entrepreneurship, things that can help the community and the people, not harm the community and its citizens."

OGMan is right about that. He is helping the community and those who are making a commitment to better themselves. "The New Skid Row", he calls it. Keep it coming, OGman

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