Friday, November 23, 2007

OUT with the OLd.

I just noticed that in two days I posted ten blogs. People may get tired of seeing them. There were things that I thought about writing that I had to get done.

The MISSING PERSON bulletin board was very important to me. I remember seeing it for the first time and thought it was very important. It took a few weeks for me to take the pictures of it and a couple more before I finally wrote about it. Maybe some person will see it and use it or follow my directions and find their loved one. A couple of times in my neighborhood I found an elderly lady wondering around lost. I remember going back in where I was and them coming going back out to find her. Something did not sit right. In fact, a person was with me on one occasion when I went back out and called the Los Angeles Police Department to get the woman.

He happens to be down here in the program at the Midnight Mission and showed me the guard shack and the MISSING PERSON bulletin. The woman who I called the day he was with me had Alzheimer's as well. I forget. I am not a doctor but she had dementia. In public they are very peaceful looking. They do not look frightened, the Dementia, Alzheimer's victims. They may ask questions but, like, I said earlier, they do not want to be a burden on anyone.

I posted the Alzheimer's articles. I have been wanting to find articles or information to support my claim to clear my name. I wanted to keep other people aware as well. The most striking thing about one of the articles I posted or with which I linked is it said the same thing I said in one of my posting. It said, am I am paraphrasing, as we baby boomers get older problems like the ones I was talking about, alzheimers victims with the criminal system are going to increase and could cause tremendous problems if no one knows how to handle the unique challenges of understand that will present themselves. I already know that because I am experiencing them.

What upset me about one of the articles it said the court system is willing to sacrifice a few people in order to make sure the domestic violence situation is stopped. However, the article said that the problems comes in mostly as a result of an increased amount of calls about Domestic Violence because of people screaming. Apparently, like my mother and other elderly people stricken with Alzheimer's, they "freak out" and the person that has to prove themselves is the care taker. It should not be that way if people were to read these articles. I am sure there are many more.

So I am proud of those two things because I wanted to get the Missing Person posting and at least the first Alzheimer's article behind me. The Alzheimer's article because it would give me confidence that I might provide an attorney information that can help me. Sure, I pleaded guilty but only because the public defender did not listen to me one bit and threatened me with 8 years in prison. Said I would not win. She was horrible. Plus If I wanted to fight it I would have to stay in jail another 3 months before that could happen. I was terrified of jail. It was not my lifestyle and I wanted out in the worst way. MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT VETERANS OF THE COURT SYSTEM, LIKE CAREER CRIMINALS MAKE THE WRONG DECISION BECAUSE THEY ARE PREYED UPON BY SOME VERY INSINCERE PUBLIC DEFENDERS. THERE ARE VERY GOOD PUBLIC DEFENDERS. HOWEVER, IT IS LIKE PLAYING THE LOTTERY. YOU MUST BE LUCKY TO GET ONE. THE LAST ONE I HAD WAS GREAT. IF NOT FOR HER, I AM 100 PERCENT CERTAIN I WOULD BE IN PRISON RIGHT NOW.

I wanted to get those posting experiences behind me because they had been on my mind. I knew yesterday was going to be a big day for me, and it was. IT created a new experience and memory about the freeways leading to the country jail. Instead of pain and suffering, now I can associate that stretch of road with healing do to the loving kindness of Kevin and Debbie Royce.

Now, I have to increase on everything I have done so far. I need to read some quotes that "dallas cowboys" has posted about perserverence and intestinal fortitude. I need to feel the spirit from "nursedebbie". I must be a strong soldier of purpose and conviction as suggested by Joe of "citycenterpoz". I must get to the next level and produce.

I woke up this morning thinking about my real estate broker license. I need to get it back. I need to find a job. I saw real estate that had changed from bushes and dirt to beautiful developments in northern LA County yesterday.

I see the same thing happening in Downtown Los Angeles.

Out with the old, in with the new- that was yesterday's them. Clear out the brain. Gain clarity.
MY new friends helped me do alot of that. The only problem you can see clearly until you see the treeline of confusion and doubt in the distance.

It is four hours after I started writing this blog. I just came back from a person's partment. IT is the third apartment I have been in while down here. It is not normal living in places where the policies are not conducive to visiting people. Maybe it is because of the drugs in the area.
I understand that. However. If you want people to be a part of society let the people who live in a community visitor each other without limitations. It is a hard situation. I know that. My point of view is different from a policy maker's point of view. I feel the effects of no interaction. No interaction, no growth. They do not want to feel the aftermath of something they feel could be avoided. I understand the dilemna.


Anyway I am starting out anew, today. I am searching for perspective. A friend just said, if the negative things did not happen to me I would not have met him. True. But It is hard to deal with things, especially when I know I have evidence that is beyond question taht much doubt should accompany any thinking in my sitiuation. However, I must be patient. Things are occuring. I just want things to occur much faster. I am human

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