Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Internet, How does the directory work?

Pretty relaxed at the moment. I wonder if it will last long. I am going to go to another computer so I can send in some resumes.

I wonder about things. I wanted to share my journey. I wondered if I have done the right thing.

I was walking down the street and a man called my name as he was running to me. He stopped, breathless, next to me. "Walter, I read your blog last night. You mentioned Downtown News.

Why did you mention them? It is not cool to mention organizations.

It was a good question. I answered it to myself in several ways.

If I am sharing my journey then I am sharing my thought processes. Downtown News occupied a large portion of my day. I did not say anything bad about them so I saw no harm. Actually, I was trying to find a way to convince Don to let me approach them on something. It was a good thing. Plus there is something else. I am so into this honesty thing that I had to find out if my friend, who was in talks with an organization and Downtown News about something, months ago, was told the truth. I did not think he was told the truth. I personally thought that the third party organization did something to exclude my friend from participation in something and blamed Downtown News. It did not seem like something Downtown News would do. Selling out Downtown News as the heavy seemed like everything the third party would do.

Personally, I did not think it made any difference because I view this as my note pad. I do not have very many readers at all, I am sure of that. I am not Blogdowntown.

I just checked my analytics. IT is the first time I viewed them since they broke down after the first day they were installed. Garza fixed them for me. I was surprised that I had some readers. Not many, but to me, it is like a packed stadium. Then, I saw something that caught my eye. Downtown News was on a viewing list. I almost fainted. Can you believe that. Some one from over there knows about my blog. I was honored. Real honored.

Oh Dam. I just looked further into these stats. It appears that they were not all that impressed by what they saw. they were on my site approximately 10 seconds. Dam. Pretty funny actually. It lets me know something. You have to grab the attention real quickly in this blog/website world. Well, I am just excited that they even heard of my blog. Hearing about my blog and listening to my idea are two different things. I shall keep that in mind. It is a winner, though. No doubt.

Wow, a couple of other notables have seen my site. I guess it is because I am on the blogroll at Blogdowntown. Amazing. Learning the website marketing business is exciting. My god there is alot of information here. I need to analyze these stats. Can you believe this, I even have had people here from Hungary. I suppose they were trying to find the website of the rock group
Skid Row. I do not think the legend of Scribeskidrow has reached that far. I think it has
reached as far as my computer screen. That is it.

Wow, this is interesting. I have a lot of hits from West Hollywood. In fact, the majority are from there. Hmmm. Wonder why. I would have thought Los Angeles would have the most.
Lets make one thing clear. we are not talking about thousands of hits. We are not even talking hundreds. We are talking tens, at best. (laughing). But I like it. I am actually surprised that anybody would find what I say as being worthy. Even my most ardent fan. I am grateful that she reads my blog. She keeps me focused and on the right path. However, she must get bored at times. I have not heard from her lately. Maybe she is bored now. (smile.) just joking.
She is busy helping people. She is one of those caring women whose purpose in life is helping people and making sure they feel good. Nurses are a rare breed. There are few like them and they are needed so much. I am glad this one cares about me and believes in me. Her husband is pretty special also. He makes sure I stay the course. They have taught me alot about life since I have known them. I will expand on that later.

I read something that said "walter find". I did not know what it meant so I punched in the words and googled it. The second listing on the list was "Scribeskidrow".
Interesting, I thought. How could that happen. It certainly was not done alphabetically.
I even saw the name of Walter Raleigh further down the page. It gives me something to research. How can Scribeskidrow be located so visibly? I am glad it is. Somebody must like me. I am glad they do. I do not know why they do, but I am glad. Hundreds of different Walters and I am number 2 behind a listing for google. Google, I love you. Thank you.

As you know, I am thrilled with the internet. I am excited about it. I have used it for years but now I am learning alot more about networks, etc.

By the way, I am reviewing now. How many basic network systems are there?
4 is the answer---mesh, ring, bus and star.

stations. access points , clients, basic set service. etc etc. must learn these things about wireless systems. I must learn all that I can if I am to prosper in my new venture. HTML alone is keeping me busy. There is so much to learn. but, I love learning and I love translating the demographic statistics into marketing strategy for my new endeavor.

I wonder if anyone else wonders why people from a certain part of the world read their blogs.
I saw a guy who had readers from all over the world. He just blogged everyday for a long time.
I would like a following like that.

My life is not interesting but where I live is very interesting. I live in downtown Los Angeles and I meet every kind of person you can think of. What is more interesting is I am getting a ringside seat of the behind the scenes at the Police station in the heart of Skid Row. That is priceless.

must go. it is a relaxed moment. this place is closing. I must find another. will talk soon. heading to the library.

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