Thursday, November 15, 2007

Growing, Now organize It. Streamline it to access it all

Last night ended well. I thought it was going to end better. I walked outside of the library and turned East and headed to my room. I was thinking of Tom Gilmore and Downtown News. I was thinking of new experiences when I was at Pershing Square. I saw the white Christmas lights up and a sign About Ice Skating.
Today the ice skating rink will open up at Pershing Square. It will remain open until January 21,2008. Enjoy the ice.

As you can see, I enjoy promoting downtown Los Angeles.
Back to the story.

I saw skaters on the ice. It reminded me of being at Rockefeller Center many times. That is also where the NBC studios are. I enjoyed many Christmas season days walking around Manhatten and I always ended up at the ice skating Rink at Rockefeller Center.


I could not resist it. I looked at my watch and I had time. I then headed out of the square at a brisk pace and
was on my way back home. I had to get some video of the skaters and pict ures. I curse the fact that I have technical glitches with my video camera.

I walked by everything and everyone. I was thinking of my big idea and was basking in potential. I was so into the potential of things that I ignored the strong stinch of urine when I passed a location. It served its purpose. It let me know I was back on Skid Row. I had to pay a little more attention to things.

I reached my building and darted up the stairs and grabbed my camera. Made sure that the memory card was in it and headed back out. It was important for me to do this. "Man, don't you ever slow down," the custodian remarked as I flew past him, heading for the entrance to the building. I was glad he said that to me. It was my trade mark growing up. They called me the "Phantam." Now, Walter is here. Now he is not. I was always finding out what was happening in different areas, much like what I am doing now. I had a wide geographic range, from Studio City to Beverly Hills, to Hancock Park to Palisades to Lynwood to Rolling hills to Crenshaw.
That was my daily territory of travel. Every Day for years. I was everywhere.

I went back to the ice rink. I noticed the sign and the date. I remembered telling Joe I was going to discipline myself to post dates of events. I am glad I did that this morning.

I started the film. The ice rink, with the skaters, looked very enchanting in the night. Lights from the trees and the surrounding buildings gave the area a very cozy effect. I took some footage and snapped some pictures.
I even took one of a sign that said "Downtown News". Hmm, I thought. Just maybe.

I walked back to Skid Row. I passed my street and went to more blocks east to the Crocker where I turned South and headed for my old residence. That street was very quiet and dark, though not intimidating or threatening. I reached the gate, which resembles a gate to a mansion with a long walk way. I walked in while they were having a group Cocaine Anonymous meeting. I walked right passed it and headed to the computer lab.

I made it. You see, no one from the residence can use the computer lab while a meeting is in session. Therefore, I could get a computer.

"Forget it, Walter. The computers are all down. You can not access the internet. We do not know what the problem is," said Patrick, the lab technician. I was disappointed but not to the degree I would have been in the past. I must be healing. I must be getting patient.

I was concerned because the computer lab is the only place that I know where I can upload pictures. I wanted to upload pictures of the skaters at Pershing Square. If I could have, I would have put the video of them in my blog as well. It would have been a perfect way to end the night, promoting Downtown Los Angeles to the world
and reporting on the various events that take place in downtown Los Angeles.

I will have to wait. I have such a sense of urgency these days. I guess I want to gain experience. Each time I post something , it is experience. Each time I post with a picture, it is more experience. Each time I post an event date, it is more experience. I am building a foundation. I have yet to post a video, successfully. Once I did, but you had to go off site to watch it. I want my videos watched on my blog. I am getting closer to thought. Don can teach me. Plus we have used a live cam. That was always a part of the big plan. (Suddenly I thought of Carol Schatz. I wonder what she would think of my idea. I really think she would like it. I know she would.)
I have to realize that I thought of all of these things for months. I am publishing now. I am not putting together packages for real estate now. I am putting together information packages of another type. I am learning how to utilize the vast power of this computer tool even further. That is why I need to broaden my access to a machine. I need it as I get more into this. I need it as I deepen my job search as well. I need it so I can start working with video.

I am making copies about video lectures on the net. I am studying live streams etc. I am surprised Don found the website to help us with the live cam. I am glad he finally went along with my idea. I have to be patient. I have come far. I have far to go. Solving problems is the thing. Getting around obstacles is key. It can be done
and that is the big difference in my attitude. I am beginning to believe more and more that it can be done.

I woke up this morning and immediately headed for Chrysalis. I wanted to see my stats. I began where I left off yesterday. I made copies of the analytics explanations. I am deepening my knowledge of
"website analysis". They day is going nicely. I am learning what is necessary. I am experiencing the total curriculum. Don't brood about what you cant do. Walter. Learn what you need to learn and then you will be ready to actualize an opportunity when you learn enough.
I need to look at the Zillow, real estate website. I need to go to the bicycle coalition office that I finally located last night on the web. Yes. New experiences.

But first, I need to get back to the room. I need to get organized. There is an inspection. I am not annoyed by it. I welcome it. Yesterday, I finished a class that I started weeks ago. I hated it when I started It. I am glad I took it now. I will tell you why when I return. I must go organize the room. I am at a new level. I am further along in quest. I need to partition things more. I need to access things quicker. I no longer hunt for keys. I told you that earlier. Now I need to access learning information. I need to put things in the notebook.

I must go. Be back soon. When I returned, I shall have actualized growth.

Good morning, world. I love you.

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