Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yesterday something happened to me. No, I am not talking about the brief challenge to my drug free life. Those kind of things you brush aside. I learned that as a first year student at Penn, in Philadelphia. In some ways, Philadelphia makes Los Angeles look like Kindergarden.

No, it was about making decisions. Making choices. Something happened to upset me. It is one of those things that I wrote about previously. It is one of the daily challenges of people in Skid Row who strive to push forward in their lives. It came to light that there was a different version of facts about "who dropped a ball". I sulked about it all day. I sulked about it last night. I sulked about it until I thought about a few things this morning. I knew that certain things happen the way they do around here. I just did not feel like feeling the discrepancy
"upclose and personal." It is not worth going over the details. It is worth saying that I obtained greater insight to HOW it feels when you are on opposite sides of the truth with a behemoth.

Enough said. I could either stay in the prison that most people choose to stay in or I could move forward. I chose to move forward.

In the wee hours of the morning, I started planning, in detail, certain benefits, to the public, of my new venture with Garza. No , I can't say what it is. I am dying to do so. I am dying to do so. However, I would not exercise patience and a key lesson in this new life of mine, is the practice of patience and discipline. So I chose not to stay in the prison of sulking and brooding and chose to study HTML and plan my venture.

And yes, Joe you are right. I played close attention to Eric Richardson, when he mentioned in his blog that it would be nice if Downtown dwellers are made aware of eventsBEFORE they happen. I intend to make that one of my goals in the new venture, to increase the awareness of the downtown family as to the many avenues of entertainment that is available to us.

As I said, it is all about discipline. So let me begin with a brief exercise of that practice and inform the public of a couple of things. This is only the opening gambit. Please bear with me.

tonight: The New LATC.. ----the Latino Theater Company, the new operators of The Los Angeles Theater Company on Spring St. will have its last show of MELANCHOLIA. It is directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela. Tonight is the last night. Go to the website for details.

December 6--------Homeless Connect day will be taking place on Skid Row. Health organizations will be there to serve the public, along with various health care and legal professionals. Housing information will be available. More details will come as I get them.
Keep your eye out for them.

OK, that is all there is for now but I plan to build an event calendar and the public will not miss out on events in the downtown area. I am sure other bloggers are already providing that service. I am glad to join the team.

A good teacher asked me what have I to gain by doing something? I asked myself that yesterday with respect to elaborating and building a case about something. Of course, I had to talk to an old college friend of mine in Philadelphia. He is great at keeping me grounded with what is important. Sometimes, I may not hear what I want to hear from him. However, I hear what I need to hear from him. After I accepted that, I stopped pouted and got on with the business of growing. A couple of emails and comments helped in that regard as well.

This is what climbing the hill is about. You slip. You fall. You struggle. You claw and you grab onto the medicine you need to grow. That is to feel life in all of its flavors. Sometimes, the flavor can be bitter. Take the bitter with the sweet , learn from it, continue to learn from it
and continue to grow.

Now I have to find Garza. Just because he is leaving, does not mean he is exempt from work. We have alot of work to do. lol.

By the way, there is a man, Lawrence, who is one of the unsung heroes of Skid Row. He is a manager at one of the SRo hotels. He is priceless. He needs to go on tape. A video of him, speaking to the population of Skid Row about drugs and recovery would be an injection of healing tonic for everyone. He is resistant to it. However, he has blessed me with a weekly lecture. He was on my back about pouting, this morning. I am going to convince him to go before the camera. However, if by chance I fell just know that he belongs in the Profiles of Courage. He is the quintessential 'recovery' man and is a role model by example.

Good night world. I love you. Happy VETERAN'S DAY

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Happy Veterans Day to you also. Keep writing and studying HTML. This is an interesting blog.