Friday, November 16, 2007

The week, and learning google analytics.

I wrote a long blog this afternoon. I experimented with HTML. It did not work.

To make a long story short, I sent my resume to a few more places today. I pushed myself further. It was largely due to a young lady who sat next to me in the computer lab. She found a company that was hiring. They were hiring reporters. I sent them a resume. I sent a few resumes to people downtown. We will see what happens.


Let's call her Tracy. She sat next to me in the computer lab. the tip about the on line reporter job came from her. She apparently applied to them for a job. They want to interview her.

I thought she was from Los Angeles. That is not the case. Four months ago, she arrived here from Texas. She came on a Greyhound bus for the purpose of attending USC. All of her bags were stolen. She came to the T House for shelter. She immediately enrolled in the STRIVE program that I told you about. She finished the program and is now looking for work. She moved into the building next door to me. She is looking for a job. She is now entering Trade Tech. She feels she does not want to go to a big school at this time. She had a scholarship to study Chemistry at USC. She will be studying Nursing at Trade Tech.

That is a lady who know what she wants. She stuck it out. She inpires me to stay strong. It was her example by doing that pushed me to send out a few more resumes. I make some mistakes when I send them out. I forgot to attach my resume and photo once. It was to a person where I would hav preferred that she not receive an email three times. lol. It took the fourth one to have the resume attached. Bad form wouldn't you say? However, at least I did it. I am putting things out there. On Monday I will be meeting with the chrysalis head and I will be doing more applications.

Thank you Tracy for being a good role model. The young lady has guts.


I spent the balance of the day reading google analytics and looking at some analytics videos on youtube. I would link it but I tried earlier and now I have a problem publishing that draft. It did provide me with the opportunity of shortening my blog. I will look for ways to be "less."


I studied more of the ratios of the analytics. I am finding out more information and learning more about website analysis. My quantitative education should serve me well once Iget the hang of it. Just think. Two months ago I knew nothing. I wanted a site. Now I am learning how to design it and make it more marketable. Should come in handy when Don returns. Hot off the press. Don will be happy to know that some people think that the big "idea" is a good one. I have not heard one person say it was not timely since I started talking to people around here about it in Skid Row. By the way, it is not limited to Skid Row. In fact Skid Row is only a part of it. However, Skid Row allows me the opportunity to learn about what it is I am trying to do while being of service providing information to the public, educating the public while educating the public. Any tips let me know.

I made up my mind to post events. I am upset I did not post the event at the Higgins building. I am further upset that I did not attend the event. I fell asleep. It is ok. I will get better.

I learned about different web sites from the google analytics. They are indispensable as a tool for understanding your site, its strengths and weaknesses. I need to study it some more and experiment with w hat Ibelieve the numbers say. Damn, Don . Where are you.


I miss Don. I hope he is well. He has been a great friend and teacher. I hope I can be as much a good friend to him as he has been to me. I feel the same about others. You know, I know I say these things alot. However, when you live on Skid Row, you meet so many people, hundreds, in a short period of time. You may establish a connection with a handful and when they leave, you do not continue to communicate. "Survival relationships" I call them.

Relationships that can grow are those of employees who have been around a long time or with residences that move into buildings that you move into. One of the tests is whether or not they stay clean if they have a drug history. At each level, the challenges are there to test you. After a while you, expect to see people move forward. The ones you do not see anymore are most likely the ones that have fallen by the wayside. The ones that move forward and leave the area are the ones that say goodbye and leave you their number. It is an interesting process. It is interesting just being at a phase where I have a chance to continue to get to know people. When I first arrived here, and until I left the T House that was not the case. It took me a long time to get to know that.

Learning that comes from realizing that you can not lean on people to be around when the times get hard. You become tougher. Most people relapse because they depended on a love interest to get them through. Those interests are based on weak foundations from the start. When one side ops out, the other relapses. They have not learned to depend on oneself. They have not learned how to focus on digging deep or doing the leg work to advance. To advance down here, you must learn how to be comfortable inside of your own skin. It will be tested.

I have tried to give you a feel for the daily emotional, sometimes momentary emotional swings that occur in this environment.


I think my blog bores people. I was interpreting the stats. I need to look at them further. I wish the stats revealed deeper demographics of certain categories. None the less, today I have learned more about certain things. I advanced in certain ways. I felt anxiety in others.

All in all, I survived another week. good evening world. I love you. Tell me what you want to know about Skid Row and downtown at large. thank you.



If your friend "Tracy" who is looking into starting a nursing program ever needs anything--please let me know. Pass onto her that there are people out here who care and can help. Kevin works so hard down on skid row and he really enjoys what he does. Do you think the "guys in blue" have made a difference lately?

skidrowscribe said...

The streets are clean. they do not have to help to clean the streets but they do. I have been in all parts of the world. All parts of the country. all parts of the state, county and city. It amazes me. These officers know more about people than any officers that I have ever seen in my life. That is my feel on it.

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