Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blacks killing Blacks

I was a little down earlier but I got through it. thanks.
I just read an article about the football player that was murdered.
Apparently their is an uproar about him being disrespected by the media.

I agree with the writer of the article. He is a Fox sports writer. I do not know the name and I am too lazy to find it out or to link it.

I am sick of this garbage about blaming the white man about every dam thing. There are things that the white and black man do not know about the legacy of bigotry. It hurts the white man as much as the black. I am not here now to discuss that topic.

Furthermore it would take to long. Let it be known that the bigotry would not exclude the black bigotry that exists in the black community. It always has.
Shhhhh. Walter you are not suppose to talk about that. Well, to hell with that.
I am talking about it. Blacks have been just as prejudice against each other and in many cases more prejudice than the worst bigot of any color. It has been that way for years. Shhhhhh Walter. Do not air dirty laundry in public. To hell with that.

We do not air dirty laundry when we are not in public so I am putting it on the public table for cleansing. I do not care if it started 400 years ago. It has to stop now. IT has to stop within the black race. Every race has its own bigotries.
Whites at Harvard School for Boys would come and whisper in my ear about someone who they thought was not of their ilk. I learned at the age of 12 years old that at one point Perceived class trumps race.

So we all have that issue. Anybody that says that is not true is either naive or been smoking cocaine.

It is terrible within the black community. You are too black. You black son of a bitch. You have big lips. You have nappy hair. It is enough to make you sick to hear the talk that runs rampant. Kids talk like that because they get it from their parents. They talk about how big lips are with disdain while whites are injecting themselves to get thicker lips.

We kill eachother. Blacks kill eachother more in the city of Los Angeles, one year, than it would take a nation of police to kill an equal amount in God knows how many years. Yet we bitch and moan about the police force.

Fucking makes me sick to my stomach. We sell drugs to eachother and poison eachother and are willing to poison ourselves and then we bitch and moan about the white man bringing in drugs. Does not make any difference who brings in the drugs.
We do not have to use them. Can you blame the white man for making the movie
Superfly. Black actors made the film

We murder and rob eachother everyday and we bitch and moan about the white man this and the white man that. For every black man that is selling drugs on the streets of Skid Row,I can show you a white man that will help a black man. For every black man who kills a black man, I can show a white man who will bandage the wounds of a black man to save that life.

Where is the uproar when we kill ourselves? Where is the uproar when we let our own kids stand on street corners and smoke dope and hold their pants up by holding their penises? Can you blame the white man for OUR KIDS wearing their pants at their knees.

I was at a Job class and heard this twenty something man tell the teacher that he was not going to pull his pants up to get a job. That was not ignorance. That was
stupidity. Clear cut stupidity.

We blame the white judges for making us pay child support. We are mad at them. That white judge did not tell you to have 6 kids that you can not support. You find out that it does not support your ego to have six kids that you cant pay for. You might be able to keep your penis in your pants if you pull your pants up to begin with.

We blame the media for disrespecting this football player but we do not blame ourselves for contributing to his death. Dont get me wrong, what the media focuses on leaves alot to be desired. However, let's get real. Our side of the street is far from clean. IT is as dirty and filthy as the streets of Skid Row and we have the power to, at least, keep the streets clean.

I have to sit here and hear, even as I speak, these men and women, outside, acting like all is well. They will bitch and moan about the white man wanting to kick themselves out of downtown. Hell, they are kicking themselves out of downtown.
I am not talking about the mentally ill or physically challenged. I am talking about the men and women that stand outside and their main occupation is to look cool.
They did the same thing when they should have been in school. They are doing the same thing now. I have to see this and hear this. I am disgusted. They are the same ones talking about the white man. Talk about yourself.

That does not exclude the black middle class or elite. If my father was alive, he would rip into the black middle class, and the elite--Dubois so called talented tenth. He would be appalled at the racism that is practiced by the elite upon the less fortunate. It is practiced an it is flourishing. Any black person that says that is not so is a bold face liar. Color prejudice and class prejudice is the status quo. Yes, the black world has a CASTE SOCIETY. There were times I would see traces of it, small, but there, in me and I hated myself for it. I had to work hard to make sure I did not let that malignancy grow. I had to cut it out. So do not tell me it is not there.

Stop protesting what the white man does. Protest what we do to ourselves. Sorry if I do not subsribe to the group think doctrine. So what.

You see those men in that picture. They protected lives. Teach black kids not to take black lives and then complain to the white man how they are disrespected.

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