Sunday, November 18, 2007

These are three men who strive to bring positive changes to Skid Row.

The person on the left is Jose Egurbide. He is Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. The person in the middle is City Attorney
Rocky Delgadillo. The person on the right is OGman. He is the commissioner of the 3on3 Skid Row Street Basketball League. As has been reported, the league is more than just basketball. It is about training men to be responsible citizens of the community and role models.

I wrote two blogging segments for blogdowntown . They were the start of my blogging career.
After the first two blogging segments for blogdowntown, I started my own blog.

I must say I have learned alot and am still learning. It goes without saying that it is very therapeutic. It helps me distill my thoughts about life. I exam my life and I review the same issues over again. At times it may be borrowing for people to read. However, I blogged to myself long before I was arrested. It was the daily writing and daily self monitoring and self examination that resulted in my leaving the life of drug usage behind me. So I am beginning to repeat the process as I step up the intensity of my rebuilding process. I do not want to merely recover. When you here about recovery in rescue missions, it is usually in reference to dead bodies. They assume the person can not be rescued.

I am rebuilding to be better than ever. I am learning how to communicate better with myself and with those whom read my blog. I am learning to do that without loosing the integrity of my blog as I endeavor to share more about me and everything around me.


Today is the first day I did not go to Chrysalis early in the morning to use the computer as the one in my building is functioning.

I was able to register with my high school alma mater yesterday because they computer was working. they sent me my pin code and number today. As a result, I was able to access alumni records and locate the email address of my doubles partner. We were undefeated in high school competition. I could not locate him through the public information records. Hopefully he gets back to me. Hopefully the email address is valid.

I never would have lost contact with him or others but I was struggling with life and my own drug use. I miss them and now I hope they accept me back into their fold. We shall see.

Anyway, I accomplished something today. That is the point. Everyday, accomplish something. That something may lead to another something.

It did lead to another discovery. The alumni notes published today that Dara Torres, class of '85, at Harvard-Westlake School, is training for her fifth Olympic games. She is the fastest swimmer in America. The New York Times published an article about her, yesterday.

It is clear that I am proud of the accomplishments of my fellow alumni from Harvard School, Westlake School and Harvard-Westlake School. Yesterday, it was Amy Baer who is now the CEO of CBS Films. Today, Dara Torres, Olympian. I am glad I am finally reconnecting with my old school. I feel back at home. I can also share national happenings with you because of the successes of the Harvard-Westlake School. It is a habit of theirs. lol. It is time for me to get back in the habit.
10 pushups

I like sharing my progress. Each little building block. The pushup count. The reconnection, or attempt to with old friends. I hope that one person out here in this world, just one, who is having problems with recovering, or rebuilding from something, read my blog and begin to believe in themselves. I stopped doing cocaine from doing what I am doing now. I would research and write and I would take a break. I did pushups, sit ups, pull ups and would run around the block during my breaks. I would cronicle all of this. That is when I started writing.

I had a set back but I am soldiering on. I want everyone to soldier on.

Good afternoon world. I love you.

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