Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Procrastination Today.


I am busy studying how to "link". This is my adventure today in recovery world. You now, I do not like that term. It has its purpose. However it has a connotation that I can not describe but is limiting and narrow. Perhaps that is just my baggage.

Be that as it may, I read a story at It epitemizes what my father intilled in me as a kid. It epitemizes what all of the parents from all backgrounds in the neighborhood, in the YMCA, in the schools worked so hard to have us see. Joe of citycenterPOZ is far from retired. He is still teaching. With that said, I must further my publishing skill and knowledge by accomplishing the linking function today. Joe is a teacher and my father was a teacher. It is incumbent upon me to teach myself how to do it, TODAY. I may have to bug Garza. He has attempted to show me. He is a great teacher. I am just a slow student. However I must do it.

Today, I finally saw some sections in the "HELP" section relating to Linking. Isn't it interesting how you see things when you are ready to learn things, or consider things, or tackle things?

I took me a long time to consider tackling my drug issue. It took a long time to learn how to tackle the issue. The best time to tackle the issue of "Linking" is now. It will make easier the access of information to myself and to people who read my blog. I will further my competency.

I will not have to paraphrase articles that I read.

They said in BROADCAST NEWS, by Associated Press, that reporters are observers, not participants. I scrutinize every aspect of that term. If I paraphrase, I participate by default.

If I "link" I am true to the spirit of reporting. I let people read for themselves and I do not slant the viewpoint, even if I take great pains to be objective.

Wnen I was 5 years old my father had me look up a word; PROCRASTINATION.

It was the first word, if I remember correctly, he made me look up in the dictionary. He said I was great at procrastination. At times I was. More on that later. In fact, I could be Professor Emeritus in that category of life.

In the spirit of my father and the motivation to follow his teachings and the desire to have people see the lesson in citycenterPOZ's story, I must move forward in my capability of linking, today. Furthermore, I must be an asset to a team that is in the making. I can not hold up my end of the deal when my team mate must give me remedial lessons about the computer..


Well, I accomplished my goal. I learned how to link.

I learned how to link and we also started something new. this is a live cam on Skid Row. enjoy.

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