Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I came in Chrysalis to use the computer. I wanted to link a video that I shot at a computer lab on Skid Row. The content was a group of people who were taking a computer exam. They wanted me to take it and show the world on YouTube or my blog that people in Skid Row want to change their lives, want to learn and are facing their demons and conquering them, in order to learn.

Well, I will be damned. I tried it on one computer. It did not work. I knew I did it correctly, yesterday but, for some reason, it did not work this morning. I tried it on another computer, a minute ago and it worked. I can not believe it.

This is my first successful attempt at uploading or linking a video. Like the two previous videos posted on Youtube, this video does not have volume. However, one may ask why I left them posted. I did so so that the viewing public could see growth as time went on. Actually, I was living in the Transistion House when I did the first two videos. I look completely different now. I sleep better because I know longer have to worry about sleeping with 100 people in a dormitory.

I look terrible in those pictures. If you go to, you can see a picture that "dgarzila" took with me and a ABC reporter. I look much different. That is because of the environment.

There are environments within environments on Skid Row and those micro sub environments have just as much impact on a person as the macro surroundings. You can see the same picture at A couple weeks of sound sleep and I look completely different. A man said I looked better and I could not figure out why. I had not done drugs in well over a year. What was the Difference? Deep sleep. I did not realize I was not sleeping deeply,rem sleep, until I moved to the Marshall House. I enjoy sleeping so much there.

Anyway, this is my first successful linkage. I am not happy at the lack of audio but I do not need audio for the video to be effective. You have people focused on their learning and are having fun at it. Most people think that people down here have no interest in learning. They do. They are learning a skill. They made a choice to learn computer skills so they could get a job with a future. They told me that cleaning the streets of Skid Row was depressing and triggered a relapse in them. They also said that there are those that were not effected by working in the streets. Each is different. They were willing to try something new.

Sooner or later, I will be successful in embedding the video player on my blog page so you will not have to go off site to view vifdeos. However, you will have to settle for this. There are many videos I have seen that are relevant to things that I wish to discuss. I can now increase my packaging capabilities.

In the first video, I said I will get better as I learn. My videos will get better. I HAVE learned how to shoot better videos. I am still working out glitches in the transfering of the content from camera to computer to the net. This is a beginning.


I went to the TownCrier awards last night. Don Garza and Councilwoman Jan Perry gave commendations to people in the Downtown community that exemplified the concept of being a good neighbor. Everybody was there. Here is a partial list of attendees that people would recognize: Herb Smith,President of LA Mission, Andy Bayles, President of Union Rescue Mission, Amy Yeager from Councilman Huizar's office, Tom Gilmore, developer, LAPD officer Joseph of the Central Division, OG man, commissioner of the Skid Row Basketball league, Eric Richardson, publisher of Blogdowntown, Ed Fuentes, of View from a Loft blog and noted photojournalist and a few others that I can not remember at this moment.

The gathering last night was a very eclectic crowd. The people came together from diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. Everyone had a great time . The event was held at the home of Russ Brown, president of DLANC. Forgive me for not remembering his wife's name at the moment. He and his friend were tremendous hosts and the refreshments were outstanding. They had so much food they were trying to give away the cake that was presented to the remaining party attendees after most people had gone. Oh yes, my dear friend, Nancy Jean Carlson made it to the gathering. It was good to see her.


I can not look for a job this morning or this afternoon because I must go to a class that teaches you how to write checks. If I do not go I will be in non-compliance. I also must go to a men's meeting this afternoon. I wonder why Skid Row does not have a job placement center, financed by all of the missions and non-profits that work with people of ALL backgrounds and capabilities instead of assuming that people are limited in skills and talents.

I wonder why the ACLU does not focus attention on the regaining of voters rights for ex felons so they can be apart of the system instead of remaining disenfranchised.


I saw a woman sitting outside of my building last week. She was upbeat, as upbeat as one can be in Skid Row. She is a young woman. When I first saw her she was an attractive woman. I saw her this morning, on my way here. She has been beaten several times. I hardly recognized her.

She had black eyes and busted lips. She was eating a can of cat food.

Good Morning world. I love you.



It sounds like you had a lovely evening last night. It is nice to see the work you put into your blogging with the videos. Remember there are many people out here who will listen to you and are here to assist you whatever way we can. Keep up the good work. Stay strong. Be safe.

City Center POZ said...

Walter, I'm glad you had a good time at the awards last night, but I have one correction for you.

The woman you saw is not Russ Brown's wife. Russ is gay---beautifully, honestly and openly gay. He has been active in a number of gay organizations and causes for years. He's a great asset to the gay community.


skidrowscribe said...

I stand corrected, Joe. I shall correct that now.