Monday, November 19, 2007

I Get by with Help from my friends.

I love comments on my blog. It reinforces that bloggers are a community within a community. It is interesting for me to write and have people close by read it. I would email people years ago. They were across the country or on the other side of the big pond. Most of my emails, now, are all within the city of Los Angeles. It makes things alot more efficient. Where was I when all of these exciting things were happening? OH yes, I was getting loaded.
I looked at today. It was years ago. I looked at my profile. I debuted my tv channel on August 13,2001. that day happens to be the birthday of both of my grandmothers. It happens to be the birthdate of my father's widow as well. Interesting isn't it.
Six years ago I started a tv channel. I had a website as well. I could not make it work. I was too impatient and I guess too scrambled. I was focused too much on substance abuse.
Now I am focused totally on the power of the new media. It fascinates me. You know what fascinates me. I am learning about unique visitors and absolute unique visitors and all of that.
But simple events are fascinating to me.
Four or five days ago, I looked at my google analytics. I did not understand much so I looked at the map. I saw three or four states darkened to relect visitors from that state. the same was true for a couple of European countries. I checked the map today. 22 countries. People from 22 countries visited my blog. Amazing. does not make any difference to me if they stayed on my blog for 5 seconds. They were here. I love it. I will strive to make sure they come again and again. I am reading about it. It is all about building while I am rebuilding myself.
I visited Rico's Angelenic blog site. It was gorgeous. It was also instructional as I received a lesson about the technology used to read , listen or view material. You guys are making it easy to learn.
I am standing next to this computer on the second floor of mymy writing breaks. I keep a push up count for each blog writing session. It is about fitness as well.
5 push ups I am tired. lol. will start again tomorrow.
good night world. luv ya.

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