Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yes, I am posting again. I am thrilled at the prospect of information coming my way. For instance.

I became a bicycle fanatic. I always loved the bicycle but I really grew to appreciate it when I was training for the triathlon. I loved it for health reasons and for training reasons. I also figured it was a very economical way to travel in town because of the cost of gasoline. My only problem was figuring out how to carry the many grocery bags that I carried home for mom.

Anyway, I heard about this bicycle coalition that is downtown. I just punched in some names and voila, there it was. On Spring St. I must visit it tomorrow. New things every day. I must do one new thing every day. Maybe that one new thing I do will be something someone else has not done that is reading my blog. Maybe I they can experience the joy of doing a new thing from me. Maybe that will inspire them to do something new in their life. I hope so. That is one of the missions of this blog.

Why am I finding out all of these things now? Because it is time. I tried to convince people on 'skid row that a bicycle business was a good thing. They could have a job as a mechanic. however, they relapsed.

I am now in a much more stable phase in so far as developing relationships. The transition house phase was not good for that. However, I do value a couple of good relationships that came from that era.

It is time to go. My time is up. I hope I have not bored you too much with my day. I will post a couple of events that will be taking place in Little tokyo within the next couple of days. They will be posted tomorrow. Yes, I forgot what they are. smile.

I hope I am not talking too much. I am traveling light right now.

You know, I wonder if Tom Gilmore would like my idea. I have been holding that in for a while.
Garza would have to leave now. maybe that is good. I can get organized and ready so when he returns I will be focused and have learned more about whatever needs to be learned.

eveyone have a nice night.

good night world

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