Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Charges dropped against Alzheimer's victim

This picture was taken yesterday at the LA Mission festival. As I said, Herb Smith, his staff and volunteers did a vine job with the job they did for the Skid Row Community.

Much of the Skid Row Community deals with the mentally ill. I have learned about the mentally ill by watching my grandmother deteriorate from Parkinson's disease.
I learned alot about Alzheimer's Disease by watching the father of one of my school mates,
President Reagan, fall victim to it. He gave my mother her Sag card. I also witnessed the
steady increase of signs in my mother.

I told you in the blog, TIME TO HEAL, that it was time to heal. I said I would begin to start fighting to see my mother and fighting for other Alzheimer's victims and their family members as well.

Here is an article about a man who "said" he killed a woman. He was an Alzheimer's victim. He was in jail for two years before the case was dropped. My mom said something that should have been questioned if anyone took the time to know her condition or her history. As a result, I am banned from seeing her.

I mentioned to you that I did a google search about changes in personality of Alzheimer's victims and there were pages of articles about it.

I did this first search about criminal complexities concerning Alzheimer's victims and this is what I came up with.

Click the link. Alzheimer's victims are being charged for crimes they did not do because they said they did the crime. Alzheimer's victims can cause others to be charged with crimes that the other person did not do as a result of saying things.

My mother kept telling me that my sister, Janice, stole her real estate properties.

Of course, I knew my mom's condition and the history of the family to know otherwise.

Perhaps this article can begin to substantiate what I have been saying to defend myself and
others who have had legal problems from the words of alzheimer's patients. It is not fair for the patients and the people affected and the very people affected are the people they love.

Hopefully I will find more articles. This was the very first one I searched for. I did not even know what key words to put in the search box. I will get better.

Mom, I am going to fight for us. Love yu.

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