Monday, November 5, 2007


I took this picture of a man, sleeping on the ground. I lived on this block. I lived where the tree is located.

You know, I spent the last three hours trying to upload a video to this blog site.

I am afraid I have not accomplished it yet. I saw Garza's Batman and I just had to have a video posted. I have seen some very nice news videos .

I figured that If I could not post a video of my own, then I could at least post another. then what happened. I posted a video in under my alias, scribeskidrow. I do not have any audio. However, I was able to film homeless addicts at the computer lab where I am sitting taking a computer test.

They were taking the computer test today. Many of them did not graduate from high school.

Most of them never touched a computer prior to this class. The first person you see in the video is such a person. He never touched a computer before last week. Skid Row residents can learn. More importantly, they want to learn. People need to recognize that fact.

If you access, Scribeskidrow on youtube, you can see that they are focused. And they have a lower relapse rate than any program of which I am aware. They place their students in employment. They are having problems with placing students because most of them have felony records. They are trying to have Corporate America expand their definition of what it is to be a good corporate citizen. The group picture is the first graduating class. If corporate america can realize that these students exercised a lot of courage in facing demons to study and not relapse into drug use then they would realize that these students deserve a chance to be productive citizens


Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, good job keep up the good work.

Remember "Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." Colin Powell (1937 - )

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