Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fire Station 9

During the weekend, I saw red fire engine trucks from station 9 all day long on Saturday and
Sunday. They were there non stop on San Julian Street. I saw them all over Skid Row.
I always see them all over Skid Row. They must respond to more calls than any other station.
When I was in the T House, they would come there two or three times a night. Lots of people have medical problems and the shelters call them immediately, as they should.
Many times the firemen (and women) deal with patients who are not the most cooperative or the most coherent. They never lose their patience. I have taken particular note to that. Patience is a necessary characteristic when dealing with the wide variety of personalities and emotional conditions of the people that they encounter on Skid Row.
They also have to deal with some pretty foul conditions of the human beings they treat.
They deserve a tremendous thanks and I want to give my thanks to them. Thank you
Fire Station number 9.
I first posted this around 12:30 pm. since then I found out more about this fire station. As it turns out, they are one of the busiest in the whole world, especially those that do the ambulance detail. According to my source, people would OD all of the time and would want to also get out of the elements. They would call up 911 and the ambulance would come. They would make up a story so they could, in effect, get a free taxi cab ride to the county hospital.
That has decreased since the Safe streets Initiative has been in operation.

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