Thursday, November 29, 2007

Triforium-Jan Perry-Mrs Young

This is Jan Perry and Mrs Joseph Young at the Triforium on Tuesday night.

I am sick today. I guess I was under so much stress that when I finally registered for the classes it all hit me. I have been worried about those classes all year because the people at the previous residence, where I was court ordered did not do what they were suppose to do.

However, They get paid and I must start all over again. I do not know from where the money will come.

IT is depressing to know that Skid Row is like this. You can be court ordered to do what an organization tells you to do but still no luck. Still you get held back.

I thought an attorney is supposed to help me with the restraining order but he is not commiting. Yet there is a legal clinic of which he runs that is putting on a big event on DEC 6. Alot of lip service from people. That is what the Homeless care provider industry is about. Lots of Promises, no deliveries.

Jan Perry, Jose Egurbide and Kevin Royce and their respective staffs can not do it alone.

Mrs.Young, the wife of Joseph Young, sort of looks like my mother. I was very astonished when I saw her.


It has taken 4 days to publish this. Computer accessibility was limited and the reliability of the residence computer was not good. It is Saturday. I started this on Tuesday. I was determined to finish. There will be in incompletes at this stage in life.


Anonymous said...

I just came upon your photos of the Triforium, and my mother, Mrs. Joseph Young. I'll take that she looks like your mother as a compliment :-)

Leslie Young

Anonymous said...

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