Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I sure want to be great at doing something

an emotional day. I just looked at bob baker's and also kevin Roderick's

They are so good. I wonder if I can ever develop my blog to be that good. just like bob baker said, I have so much I want to say. I have so many things about which I want to share. I want to have a blogsite that is entertaining as well as informative. I wonder. I just left a meeting that is a weekly requirement to live where I live. IT was ok actually but I am overwhelmed. I want to study. I want to produce things. I want to be a vital part of downtown and I feel insignificant.

I wish these great writers of all of these blogs can write about skid row.
I am not good enough to capture the essence of this place. They are.

Los Angeles needs its best writers, not some fledling novice, to convey to its citizens the horrors of what is down here. It needs to write every week on Skid Row to compel the efforts of change to begin.

there are so many talented writers and producers. I do not mean that they should come down here and film people. There is enough file footage of Skid row, I am sure, to fill libraries. they need to interview problem solvers and push their contacts to engage in productive action. I have no clout. I do not have that range of impact. I have a handful of readers.

I love communicating. I could sit here all day and type. I wish I had a newswire machine here so I could update the public on my blog on breaking news. I would sit here all day and put together packages.

Sounds crazy? well, I wrote every day for the last 5 plus years. Not only that, except for the time I swam at USC, I wrote every waking moment of each day.
I would read this huge dictionary and write about what I discovered in it.
I would analysis it. therefore sitting all day long and producing, creating articles of interest would be a labor of love.

putting together photos and videos. My god, how long will it take for me to be good?

I do not know. I ache to be good. I ache to carve out my niche.
My niche is writing about revelations of self as I live a life with new eyes given to me by a new way of life. IT is for me but I would like it to be of benefit to others. How long will it take for me to be able to find something in my life that connects with the lives of others and let them know we are the same and we share the same memories.

I write about people that I have known and with whom I shared great moments and stretches in time. Many of them were in the public eye, their families were in the public eye or they eventually became under the spotlight of the public in time.
I want people to see that see shared the same moon and can talk about these things.

dam, I want my blog to not only be valuable to me but to others. Yes, this is an emotional day. I also have to call some offices that concern my legal stuff. Maybe that is taking the wind out of my sails right now. let me get things done. I wish I had a talk show. I would have my show for 8 hours. I would love melton,
formerly scribeskidrow, talks for 8 hours about any and everything that impacts the lives of people in the city of angels. A dream but I guess I can dream...

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