Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Problem

I could not help but publish these pictures. The first two are homeless encampments on 6th ST. It gets that crowded at times. Actually, it can get much worse than what you see.

The second picture is on San Julian St. It is by far the worse street on Skid Row with respect to trash on filth. Let me say this. I give alot of credit to SRO Housing for keeping the area in front of their buildings clean. Each morning without fail, at their various buildings, one of the maintenance hoses down the area in front of their buildings. The area in front of their buildings is always clean and fresh. It helps when you step out of the building first thing in the morning.

My building is on the street where this picture is taken. We can not hold SRO Housing responsible for this. They do a great job.

The churches do not seem to understand some things about serving food to people on Skid Row. Skid Row has a bunch of rats. They have the nastiest looking rats that you have ever seen. I have seen rats back east, in New York and Philadelphia. Skid Row rats are a breed a part. They are also addicted to drugs. They have every kind of drug available to them on Skid Row. I mean prescription drugs. When some one does not want to take their meds, they throw the medicine in the sewer or they throw it in the sink. Believe it or not, the rats get it.

When I leased office space in Inglewood, I had a listing on a building. It was a medical building.
the owner had a plumbing problem. He showed it to me. In the basement, the rats had smelled cocaine in the pipes and ate through the pipes to get to the cocaine. Their was a pile of cocaine at least 4 feet high. There were also dead rats all around the cocaine. How did it get there?
Drug dealers leased out medical suites so they could manufacture crack. They would pour out the remains of the "cook" in the sink. Over a period of time the cocaine built up. The rats smelled it and were determined to get to it.

That is why people are bitten alot on Skid Row. The rats smell cocaine on them and try to get to it. they bite the people thinking they are getting to cocaine. Some dealers train rats and cats to find the stash of another dealer. They blow cocaine in their faces to get them addicted and then wave the cocaine stash under the nose so they can smell the scent. The cats and mice are released and put on the scent of cocaine. They are released to "fetch" cocaine. It is a common practice. They bring back the cocaine and are rewarded with cocaine smoke blown on them by someone that the dealer orders to do so. Once a cat kept clawing at my pants years ago. I could not figure out why. The owner told me. She trained the cat to be a thief of cocaine.

Now, when people handle all of that food, they have cocaine on them just like most US currency has traces of cocaine on it. The scent stays on the food. Once the rats come up to eat the discarded food on the streets, they smell the cocaine left on the food from the eater's hands.
They begin to search for it. When they get close to a critical mass of cocaine scent. They claw and bite. They go into a frenzy like sharks.

Churches need to realize that rats carry diseases. They serve food for an hour and the food stays on the streets for days and the rats spread diseases searching for the food and the cocaine.
I believe they want to help. However, if they do not come up with a policy that will contain the trash by having people eat within a certain area, then sooner or later, they will not be able to help the people. Sooner or later laws will be passed too prevent the serving because of health hazzards.

Ministeries and churches, please do something about the trash that is caused from your serving food. Many people do not take advantage of your kind service but they are penalized with the aftermath of filth.

good morning, world. I love you.


Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read. The writer of this story must have smoked some good crack and thought the rats were after them.

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read. The writer of this story must have smoked some good crack and thought the rats were after them.