Saturday, November 3, 2007

New experiences, new growth

Who knows where the oldest house in the City of Los Angeles Stands? If you answered
that it stands on Olvera St. in downtown Los Angeles you would be correct. The house was the house of Don Francisco Avila. It was built in 1847.
I saw the house when I was on Olvera St. yesterday. I was there at the El Dia de Los Muertos
festival that was held on Olvera St. and in the plaza next to it. I loved learning about it. Don Garza was with me. I was with Don and Ed fuentes earlier at Pastagina in Little Tokyo.
I took this picture of this brick building that stands in Little Tokyo. I love real estate and I love this building. It has character. I love Japanese Americans. I grew up with many when I was a kid in the Crenshaw area. They had club called the Spartans. The kids in the club went to elementary school with me. Many of their parents spent time in the Work Authority camps during world war 2. I told you my father and their fathers used to talk about that time quite a bit when we were at YMCA games and on camping trips in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
If I knew how to link, I could link you to a person who does documentaries. The person is of Japanese descent. The person did a great video about the work authority camps. Go to youtube and look up my user name, Scribeskidrow and you will see a great video done about that time.
You might have a feel as to why I want people to get along and all of us come together as a family. I have heard many stories. Whether, it be from the Japanese about the World War 2 indignities they suffered, or the relatives of people I know who were from the south and experienced the segregation and prejudice from the south, I have heard a great deal and I have seen the effects of the times on the faces of people as they have shared their experiences with me.
The other picture is the Panama Independence Day parade that I saw today on Broadway. I thought it was a festive occasion.
This is what it is about for me, sharing as many of my new experiences as I can with you
as I grow. I want to be like Ed, Don, Eric and others and cover anything and everything that is of interest in downtown Los Angeles. When I can I will provide some kind of historical perspective like I am about to do now.
Olvera St. was one of the mandatory field trips every kid had to take if they were enrolled in any of the LAUSD schools when I was growing up in Los Angeles. We went to Olvera St. when we were studying about the missions that were built along the coast in the early days of California. We learned about all of the missions. We learned about the gauchos. We spent a great period of time learning how to build buildings with adobe bricks. In fact, they spent a great amount of time teaching us about how the adobe bricks were made.
Of course, my father would give me advanced lectures. I loved it. We learned alot about our Mexican or Spanish heritage in the forming of the city of Los Angeles.
As I said I want to share every thing I can. There is much to see and learn while I am away from my family, my mom. Every day I am going to learn something. I just copied many pages to study hyperlinking and CSS pages to follow up on the lecture that Don provided. I must learn how to create a website that is fun and informative for people. I want people to enjoy the videos that I create and post(whenever I learn how to do it) , the subject matter about which I write and the people that I talk about. I think there are so many people that are interesting downtown. I think each and every person downtown is a celebrity. I believe that if we treat each person everywhere as a celebrity, we would have less problems in this world.
Scribeskidrow will not limit himself to articles about Skid Row. I want to talk about everything.
I want to cover everything. I have to build. This is my first attempt at posting pictures that were taken outside of Skid Row. I see I will have to design my blog so that every aspect of interest has its section. It will take time. Now, if I could only create an effective link today I would feel that I have accomplished something.
I hope Debbie saw the blog of the Unsung heroes.
Good Afternoon world, I love you.

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