Thursday, November 1, 2007

Month review and perspective.


The air was fresh when I walked out of the building this morning. It was8:00am. I headed east towards the corner and making my way to Chrysalis, the employment agency. I use their computer each morning.

There were not very many people in the street. Unusual, I thought. I walked twenty yards and something on the ground caught my attention. It was human feces. Dam, I am wide awake now. Human feces is a common sight on Skid Row. Of course, the portable toilet is within eyeshot. I wonder why it was not used. On the surface, it does not make sense. However, this is Skid Row. Anthing can make sense if you have the accurate information and not assume something that would normally be normal.

I hit the corner and head west towards Main st. There is the portable toilet that could have been used but most likely was out of reach by someone. Maybe the person was in a wheelchair or used a cane that did not encourage fast movement.

When you LEARN to listen to the elderly, like I learned to listen to my mother, you become extremely gentle. Your listening becomes gentle. It is a very interesting phenomenon. When you live on Skid Row you learn to question everything. Nothing fits in a nice, neat box.

Midway through the block, I pass a group of Latino men, standing in front of a store. They are trading prescription drugs and smoking marijuana. The air is no longer as fresh as it was when I walked out of my building.

I cross Wall St. and look south searching for the building in which I would have lived if I had passed the physical. I get bored with that masochistic endeavor, turn my head and keep going. I cross the street and am at the long windowless brick wall. It is the Police Station. Funny, each time I get here I smell the strong stench of urine. When it is that strong that means somebody is using alot of drugs.
Finally I get here and look at several things, my email. In fact, this time I look at both emails. I was hoping that someone might need some errand services. However, no such luck. Remember, guys, SkidRow Errand Services is off the ground. If you need my services, email me at or at

I drank the tasteless coffee and thought of last night. It was easier than the previous night.
The venting sessions about my situation helped tremendously. I hate talking about stuff like that but that is apart of the journey. That is apart of the process. "Keep it real", I say.

I read some of the other downtown blogs. I feel they are colleagues. I saw a picture of Jim and Celia, sitting on throness in costume. I laughed. In fact, I am writing in this narrative prose to prepare for the Downtown Writers Group that I have yet to attend. Jim and Celia look like they have alot of fun. I am happy for them. Some day I shall find somebody with which I can have fun. I watch how Jim and Celia interact. I learn alot from them.

I have a few things to do this morning but I felt it necessary to write something light this morning.

I decided to apply for the Associated Press position. I will send my resume to a developer as well. It is important to start the process. I found that other job. Damn it, I will find another.

I have to speak to an attorney this morning. Should be interesting. Wish me luck.

I heard they had a nice time last night at the VOA Transition House Halloween Dance.
They say you need to have fun in recovery. I am glad they had fun last night. I almost went there and to thee Banguette on Main St but it was Halloween on Skid Row. Something told me
to stay inside.

Don called me up and cheered me up alot. Even with a sore throat, I enjoyed talking to him.
Today, I learn things about blogging. I will nudge him about video stuff as well. Hopefully, he will help me activate my Google Analytics. I am dying to see what is going on with my blog. However, I will only ask Don once. He is not one to nudge more than once.(smile)

He is a good teacher. I reviewed some stuff last night so I will be familiar with the vernacular that he will use. He is good on teaching me the internet vocabulary.

Yes, the last month had its moments of successes and growth. I moved in the Marshall House on August 25. Today I start my 2nd full month. In review of the last month, I must be satisfied. I started my blog and am learning how to be a journalist. I started a second blog, this one, and eventually, after several attempts, posted some pictures. Videos are next.

I met some fabulous people and they respect me and like me. It feels good to be respected. It feels good to be liked. I feel I am developing a support network as I carve out a life.

I made it through the Chrysalis classes and the County 'Grow' Job preparation classes.
I made it through many moments of despair.

I even purchased a black pair of shoes for job interviews. That was a major hurdle. Now I do not have to worry about that obstacle. It had been on my mind since I was in jail.

I did not believe I could find a job when I moved into the Marshall House. I was wrong. I found one. Or it found me after I attended a Mayor's press conference. It was further evidence that I need to network. Success in my life has always been from networking. It is a natural for me because I love people. I found the job but a glitch prevented me from joining the firm.

It was not the first time that has happened. I have been offered jobs twice before but higher ups squashed the potential of employment. That is ok. I am learning that not all is doomsday and that I can survive disappointment. I have survived so much in the last year.
And, on top of it all, I am clean. I can't wait to swim. Sorry, I just thought about that.

I will check in later. It is the first of the month. I want to get off to a good start.

good morning world, I love you.

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