Saturday, November 17, 2007

Union Rescue Mission festival.

The Union Rescue Mission had a festival.

It is a happy affair for their clients and the Skid Row community. I commend Andy Bales, Carrie Gatlin and their team of volunteers for putting it on for the families .

I was on my way to Little Tokyo to film the temple, but instead, I stumbled on this. If there is one thing the missions do real well on Skid Row is provide this kind of entertainment and respit from the challenges that are ever present for the members of the community. I am glad I finally had a chance to take pictures of one of these gatherings.

I must admit. I was happy for the families. However, in typing this I realize how much I miss mine and long for the little family I have. However.... The Union Rescue Mission made sure these kids experienced childhood by exposing them to animals. It was nice to see the little boys showing gentleness with animals.

A few months ago, there was a street gathering and I was upset that I did not have a camera.
Now, I have a camera. I can cover it but the still shots do not capture the atmosphere as would a video with audio. The sounds of happiness are abound on Skid Row today. Thank you URM
for doing what you have done for these people. You do let them know that people care.

KJLH, the radio station was there as well. They are located up the street from my mother's house. Made me home sick. It is ok. This time last year on Saturdays. I was sitting in a jail dormitory. I could not watch the USC games because it hurt too much. You see, I used to see the USC team all of the time when I trained for the triathlon at USC. They would wave to me all of the time. They inspired me. All of the students inspired me.
I have not watched a game since I was arrested. You know what. I had a USC swimming shirt in my bag. I would not put it on until I stopped smoking cigarettes. I still can not put it on because I miss that pool. I miss what that environment did for me. It was the major factor in leaving drugs alone.

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