Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thankful Thanksgiving

There are no words that can describe the joy I feel inside from the time I spent with the Royce family today. None. It surpassed my wildest dreams. My wildest dreams. It healed alot of wounds.

A year ago I started taking a bus back and forth from the the male dormitory to downtown Los Angeles to court. Each time I went to court, I was told the case was postponed. This went on for four months. Once a public defender told me he thought he would have me down so I could ask him any questions and I could get out of the dormitory for a while. He did not realize that I did not want to leave unless I was not coming back. Each time I left the place I had to be handcuffed.
When I returned, I was told to strip bend over and spread my cheeks. It was humiliating, degrading and dehumanizing. The public defender did not consider those things. Furthermore
he had nothing substantive to tel me except that CLAIMING TO BE MENTALLY ILL WOULD HELP ME. I could not believe what I heard. Several public defenders tried to convince me to go that route. I made one mistake, pleading guilty. I was not going to make another one.

All of that began to become a distant memory as I absorbed the love showered on me at the dinner table. Human beings can do wonders to heal human beings. if we try we can do marvelous and unimaginable miracles for eachother. I still do not have the words to express the gratitude that I feel. I have my special gifts on the wall from the kids.

My cookies are next to me in my room so I can grabe them at any time. They are fabulous.
Thank you Debbie. It was wonderful. Tell Mr. and Mrs Royce, it was fabulous talking with them and Kevin , I am so humbled.

Yes, I had a great Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for.

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