Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The Eastern Columbia building sits on the northwest corner of 9th and Broadway. I stood on the northeast corner of 5th and broadway when I took this picture one day.

Charles Beelman designed this splendid Art Deco building. It was built in 1929. It was the home of the the Columbia and Eastern Outfitting Department stores.

The building has been refurbished and is a very attractive condominium development. It is located across the street from the quaint and inviting Angelique Cafe. I believe that that part of downtown is going to be very exciting.
I started my blog, partly, to share my personal journey. Yesterday was a very key part of the journey. I was sitting in jail on Thanksgiving, away from my family. When I was not home on Thanksgiving, while living back east, I always called him on birthdays and holidays.
I called home every Sunday at the 60 minute hour because I knew they would be watching it.
They would want me to call earlier so they could get a preview. I wish I could call my mother and tell her I know the deputy City Attorney, Jose Egurbide, who did the segment with 60 minutes on the Kaiser Permanente dumping.
So it hurt that today marks the second time I am not home nor can I call home. It is an order of the court. Everybody in Skid Row, who knows me is very upset about it. They feel I should be home. However, that is that.
I had a chance to "overblog". I had a chance to learn new things and work through the pain and loneliness. Finally, at the end of the day my friends started calling me. I have a few new friends down here and I am grateful to have them.
That is my point. With all of the hurt, pain, frustration and uncertainty, I have much about which to be grateful.
I am not in jail, sitting there waiting for months to have a misdemeanor resolved. I have been invited to Thanksgiving Dinner. A family has invited me to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. I met them since being down here on Skid Row and they have so kind and gracious. They work hard to keep my spirits up and for me to believe that things will change.
In fact, they are changing. I was writing on paper, for years. Now I am writing and publishing on the internet. People read my stuff. I hope they read it more than once.(smile)
I am learning how to package information in a different way than I did when I was doing real estate proposals. It is the same in many ways. I am learning, even more, to appreciate the vast power of the internet and the world of communications, in general.
I am on way to a second year with no drugs and I can not believe I am even talking about something that I never discussed. Never. It is therapeutic and hopefully others will gain insight.
As I said, I met new friends. They are from all backgrounds. I love that part about it.
I have always loved to know a variety of people.
Three days from now will be my six month anniversary of no cigarettes. I think Katie Couric for that. I owe her my lungs. She is the one who convinced me to stop smoking cigarettes, immediately. Yes, Ms Couric had a lot to do with that. By the way there is an interesting post of an interview with a journalist who was in jail for 8 years in China. Click the link above. I just
put the link in the wrong spot.
So yes, I have alot to be greatful for. It is time for me to count my blessings and do some reflection as City Council Woman, Jan Perry, told me to do.
I have come a long way since I started my final assault on my cocaine use, 5 years ago. It was a job well done, though, most do not know it, or believe it. My new friends know it, believe it and see it everyday. My mother knew. "You matured right in front of my eyes". Yes I had to say it because I want you to feel what that means to me so you know how much I would not violate that sacred trust, not only with mom, but with self. It took too much for me to have this clarity.
IT was my best victory. I am going to start work and getting back to my mother. Going to start that today. It has been on going. I shall do what I know she would expect. Keep doing what I am doing and communicate.
As one person told me. "Walter, the courts may have hurt you. However, you have been living the truth from day one of this catastrophy. Keep living the truth."
Jose Egurbide said to me yesterday that I was impacting the lives of others. I hope I am. He is. Kevin Royce is. Jan Perry is. Many are I like being in their fine company. I have to earn it. I look forward to doing that. It is time to heal. IT is time to live. IT is time for me to believe that I can continue to blaze this new trail. It starts today with this fine family.
Good Afternoon world. I love you. I am thankful to have you

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