Saturday, November 24, 2007

Los Angeles or New York?

Where is this street? I took this picture on the corner of 3rd and Los Angeles streets. I am facing south.

I thought it turned out pretty nice.

It looks so much like the westside of Manhattan, New York or the lower part of Manhattan near Tribeca

or SoHo. Of course, that was in the early 1980s. I do not know what it looks like now back there. It has been so long.

Los Angeles st is a wide street with nice buildings on it. the building on the left, in the foreground is on $th and Los Angeles. The brick building. I think it is a beautiful building. After I left office leasing in Philadelphia, I switched to Historical Restoration with a pioneer developer. I started on a building just like this one on the left. That developer, Silver & Harting, eventually built a condo development on a finger pier on the Delaware River. The Condominiums extended out into the river. It was at Penn's Landing, across from Camden, New Jersey.

If you ask me, the toy district has nice winding streets and buildings with baried architecture that lend itself to nice redevelopment. I do not know the politics of all of this. It just seems like it would be a very unique neighborhood. Those buildings are lower than the ones to the west so you get a chance to see more things if you happen to be lower to the ground. That whole area around Little Tokyo feels more airy. It all depends on what you like, I guess. It is all nice to me.

Some areas of Little Tokyo give me that suburban feeling. It feels more airy. I wonder what others thing. I wonder what areas of downtown the people of downtown feels will develop to be interesting areas. I would like to hear comments on that. I would like to hear what areas of downtown Los Angeles people like the best and why. Please leave comments.

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L.A. Woman said...

The hustle and bustle at 7th and Figueroa.