Sunday, November 11, 2007

Basketball Venue for Fellowship

"Hey Melton, where are you running to", yelled someone who I met on San Julian St.
"I Have some reporting to do, " I said as I ran down the street to meet Don Garza.

So began the day, yesterday. As someone said, it was a joyous day, at SRO HOUSING's Gladys Park on 6th and Gladys. The companies maintenance crew was very cooperative. The park was clean and the company allowed the league to use their equipment and chairs for the team and family members. Everyone had a good time
and ate very well, thanks to the culinary talents of Deputy City Attorney Jose Egurbide.
Lesley Taplin, of DLANC's education committee, was indispensible in her never ending energy and much needed assistance. OGMan was in a very good mood.

" The guys are starting to get it. Walt. They are beginning to understand that it is more than just a game. They are beginning to see that it is about being leaders by example, role models for the rest of the community. They are really coming along. I am proud of them. "

The league does seem to be maturing. I enjoyed it. I have a special fondness for this league. Blogdowntown gave me my first chance to cover an event about 6 weeks ago. It was the Skid Row basketball league. Thanks again Eric and OGman.

By the way Don has videos of the day on his blog.

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