Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting things done.

I feel better when I put something together.
I was at Pershing Square the night before the opening day. I told you in a previous post how I tried to end the evening by posting pictures of the skaters. Well, here they are. I took this picture of the Downtown News billboard as well.
I just like Downtown News.
No, there is no serious crime on this street. This is just a photo showing you to what extent the Los Angeles Police Department will go to help keep Skid Row clean. They roped off the area to keep people out while this street was cleaned. Believe me, this is the same street where I posted pictures earlier this week where the street was filthy. This street is San Julian. That is San Julian park in the other photo. It is one of the most populated locations, during the day,
on Skid Row. It is on the main drag. 5th/San Julian.
I feel better. I just talked with Jose and he told me of a friend of his that saw the camera that Don and I put up. He said we are making a difference. I hope that is true.
I know this much. I want to make a difference. I know Don does as well. Not only in Skid Row, but we want to be a part of this growing Downtown Community.
I was down before I talked with Jose. I also got an email from someone who I consider a great friend and one who I trust with my thoughts and dreams. Thank you.
You know, the little things count so much. And with just those bits of postive reinforcements,
I took the steps to email a couple more emails. I mentioned the other day that I wanted to email some people. Well, I am at the place where I can do so. So I am taking advantage of it.
If I could only figure out how to embed a video screen on my site I would be in heaven. smile.

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Thanks for sharing the pics. I was looking forward to seeing the ice skating rink photo. You are getting things done--stay positive! In your previous blog you mentioned old wounds were being reopened ..take it from a nurse...we sometimes have to reopen those wounds to let them finally heal or else they will just fester and eat us up and NEVER heal!
Feel the spirit!